duminică, 15 martie 2009

Finland, 2nd-8th of February 2009

February started as a month with many trips. I had a training in Finland and another one in Belgium. The one in Finland was called SOHO, a training on European Voluntary Service, between 4th-8th of this month. I came two days earlier, to have some time to visit Helsinki. 

As many times before, i arrived in the city quite late in the night, and i was supposed to spend my first night at a couchsurfer's place.  The deal was to send him a sms when i am taking the bus from the airport to the train station in Helsinki, and we will meet inside the station. Due to some problems, my sms didn't reach him, so i found myself at almost midnight without any idea where i will sleep that night. I tried to call him, but a finish voice was telling me something that i translated as "The owner is not available for the moment. Please try again later".

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