duminică, 15 martie 2009

Barcelona after Christmas

For a long time i was thinking to start writting in English, because of my friends that I met in different trainings abroad. I think this can be a good start.

After a year with so many experiences, trips in Turkey, Belgium, Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary, Sweden, Denmark, Spain, Iceland, UK, France i chosed to spend my New Years Eve in Portugal, in a reunion with my colleagues from FIT. 

On my way to beautiful Lisboa, i arranged a stop in Barcelona, because i wanted to meet Fatima. After i spent the first days of Christmas with my family, i took the plane to Catalunya, arriving in the Gaudi's city quite late in the night. Arriving around 1 AM at my hostel, in the heart of the town, i met an interesting group of people from Norway and New Zeeland. We discussed for a couple of hours about music, life and trips, and because at 8 o'clock i woke up, my room mates didn't even noticed that somebody slept there :)

I met Fatima for a walk in the rainy Barcelona, having the company of the two little cousins of her, and La Rambla was our way to the sea. Being here in the summer, the city was a little bit different in december, and unexpectedly cold. I had my flight at 14.30 to Lisboa, so i had just a couple of hours free. As ussual, i said good bye to Fatima in the metro station, thinking about the next time when we will see each other.

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